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Newest reader versions appear to use same resources as Adobe?

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  • Feedback Newest reader versions appear to use same resources as Adobe?

    1st, I'm not an Adobe fan - nor dedicated to ANY one software - PDF reader or otherwise. For a long time, Foxit Reader used considerably less resources than Adobe. Except for possibly installed size, I see little difference in Reader 5.3.x & latest Adobe Reader, in RAM / CPU use. Now, disk space is usually less concern for most than RAM & CPU usage. Is what I'm seeing consistent w/ others recent experiences? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    "Small & very fast" used to be big marketing terms for Foxit Reader. Don't see that mentioned anymore. Maybe was inevitable it had to get much larger & use same resources as Adobe, to provide same functions/ features.

    Haven't done extensive side by side testing, but I now see very little difference in Foxit & Adobe readers - resource use & speed of the application opening or opening files.
    Maybe Adobe trimmed their "bloat" while Foxit had to use more resources to offer a product equivalent to Adobe?

    Input of others recent experiences on this would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for your detailed and valuable feedback, i will absolutely forward it to our PM team for future reference.


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      Thanks. On my computer (vs spouse's) - I don't have Adobe reader. I started using Foxit reader yrs ago because it WAS much faster (& smaller) than Adobe. I took Adobe off my machine, but spouse still wants to use it - occasionally.
      I was surprised when recently checked & saw nearly identical RAM / CPU usage of both readers, open same time, same machine, same file.


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        "foxit bloat"

        I've seen comments elsewhere about 'Foxit bloat'. So it's a real occurrence but not necessarily a problem for some. I'm not a power user so my computer is more than I need, and handles current versions well. One suggestion: download from or another site that lets you choose older versions.

        Add bloat 10/17: My version (now, available at is a much smaller d/l than Adobe. I don't know about the resources because, again, my computer handles it. (Xp, 2.4gHz, one gig of memory, etc. I do have an upgrade power supply FWIW.
        Anyway, hardware is cheap. (Today's h/d are about the same in $/Gb as yesterdays in $/Mb.) Try getting all these features in a PC with MSDOS handling 64K of memory, you young whippesnappers ...
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          We will have simple version with small size in future.