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    Hi - I'm new to Foxit Reader and liking it very much. However, I need to highlight some text and cannot figure out how to reduce the default font size and resulting height of the insertion point, which must be at least 72 points. Any help would be much appreciated. Apologies if this is the wrong forum or if I've missed a thread on this topic.
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    Do you mean you want to reduce the font size of the content of PDF file?If yes, it is no way to reduce it.


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      No. Font size was probably the wrong term. I want to adjust the size of the cursor and caret in Edit and Comment tools to match the font size of text content in PDF files. The cursor is 15 lines high, with highlights extending 7 lines above and 7 lines below selected text content. The caret for text boxes is commensurately huge.
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        Sorry for my stupid, but i can not catch you clearly, would you please make a sreenshot of it to describe the issue?


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          It is not at all your stupid - I did not know how to describe the problem. However, I solved it quite by accident thanks to you. When I created a page in Foxit Reader to make a screenshot, the highlighting tool worked just fine. Experimenting further, I discovered that the oversized cursor problem is limited to downloaded account statements (in PDF format) from my bank. If I open a downloaded statement in FR, save it as a document with another name, and highlight text in the new FR document, there is no problem!

          So, thank you very much for your help. Had you not requested a screenshot, I might have gone back inferior reader.
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            Thank you, how to add language is clear...
            but I did not understand - is it possible to set the proxy for internet access (in settings foxit reader) or not?

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