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GPO settings -- Where are they?

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    It is great to have an .msi Foxit Reader installer for the enterprise and I'm glad you have announced support for Foxit Reader settings via GPO. The big question now is where are the GPO settings for FoxIt? How can I use this functionality?

    I am quite familiar with Group Policy, so I'm not asking for general help here. Is there an Admin Template I can download? Is there a published list of registry settings and their effect that I can use GPOs to affect? Are there switches I can pass the Foxit Reader deployment GPO to configure the install options?

    Announcing GPO support doesn't help much if there isn't any documentation.

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    Hi casper,

    The GPO template for Foxit Reader coudl be downloaded here:
    User manual:

    Thank you.


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      Are there any Group Policy templates available in ADMX format rather than the older ADM format? We are using Windows Server 2008 R2 with a Group Policy central store, so cannot use ADM templates.


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        Hi Crosfields School,

        I'll send out an email to check with PhantomPDF PM team if a .admx template is available and will post here once I get the reply. Thank you in advance.