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  • Bug E-Mail button not working

    In our Business, the staff like to embed PDF's into Excel spreadsheets.

    they can open these embedded PDF's fine using Foxit Reader.
    However when they open an embedded PDF, they cannot use the email button, they click it and nothing happens.
    When opening a PDF file from a folder location, the Email button works fine and attaches the PDF to a new email using Microsoft Outlook.

    They came to me with this problem as they used to be able to use the email button within Adobe Reader when opening embedded documents.

    we would like to migrate fully to Foxit Reader, mainly for speed. but preferrably with all the features they are used to.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Robey,

    Please suggest the users to open Control Panel, open the Internet Options applet, select the Programs tab there, and select their preferred email client from the drop-down list labeled "E-Mail". Foxit checks this setting only once, at startup, so you will need to close and reopen Foxit before it will find and use your new preferred email client. Please let us know if this helps. Thank you.