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Is it possible to open the same document in two tabs?

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  • FAQ Is it possible to open the same document in two tabs?

    How do I open the same PDF file twice, like Window -> New Window in Adobe Reader? I don't want a split view, I want two separate tabs for the same document.

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    It is no way to open the same file in two tabs within one instance, but you can open it with two instances.Before doing that, please go to Tools->Preferences->Documents->check "Allow Multiples Instances"


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      Would be a nice feature if that was possible, just like you can show different pages from the same site in your browser...

      As a workaround you can extract a PDF page, whereby it will be available in another tab.

      Would be nice if Foxit updated with this feature, but they are kind of slow at responding to user request, so that probably wont happen.


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        SlimShaggy,Thanks for your post.May I know your user scenario for asking for opening the same documents in two tabs in the same Foxit instance?