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Document's links boxed instead of underlined

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  • Feature Document's links boxed instead of underlined

    I just updated to the latest Foxit Reader version and now I end up with all my links, inside documents, boxed instead of simply underlined. To be honest, I don't like it at all and I much prefer the underlined links over the boxed ones.

    Is there any way to setup the Reader to underlined the links instead of boxing them?

    Thanks in advance for your time and support.

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    May we have a look at the file sample?We promise the file you send us is only for internal use, thank you.


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      Well, the files are quite big 60mo. But those files are books from Pathfinder ( and inside there are links to other parts in the same book (clicking on a word brings you to the description page for example).

      I tried to find other pdf with the same thing but to no avail so far. Before I updated Foxit Reader, those links were underlined and now I have a big black box around each word that is linked to other part in the book.


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        Please upload it to our FTP server:
        1). Please open the Windows Explorer, paste the ftp address " ftp:\\" into the address bar and press Enter to go.
        2) Please input the Login name and Password when it requests (logn name: foxit password: foxit).
        3) When you see a list of files, please drag and drop the file into it.