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Can foxit reader open PDF files in read-only mode? (now: read-write)

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  • Feature Can foxit reader open PDF files in read-only mode? (now: read-write)


    I've searched the forum and didn't found similar question, so I create a new feature request. If it was answered before, -- sorry.

    Here's the problem: When I create and modify pdf file in other software and open it in Foxit Reader, Foxit Reader accesses file in read-write mode, and therefore locks file and noone else can write content into it any more. Therefore, before modifying the file, I have to close it every time in Foxit Reader, what is not so nice.

    Here's solution: Most of the time PDF files are only viewed and Foxit Reader does not requires to lock the file. I don't know PDF internals, but even when file locking is required, it should be possible to unlock file when it is readed (lock/unlock for dynamic load, if it is used, for ex.)

    Even most of the text editors do open text files only for read and retrieve write access only during the save operation.

    So, the feature request is to open pdf file the way that it can be edited/replaced/deleted by someone else.
    Is it possible to implement?
    Thanks a lot.

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    I am confused about it, if one PDF file is general file, you can open it with Foxit Reader and edit on it, only the files that protected is read only.


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      Sorry for so complicated explanation, will try simpler and with example:
      I generate PDF files with the help of tool "A" and then verify how it looks and whether everything is fine in Foxit Reader.
      Whenever I see that something is wrong, I have to close this file in Foxit reader, regenerate it, open it in Foxit reader again.

      Otherwise tool "A" cannot write to the file because it is locked.

      The main idea of this feature request is to allow writing to the file even if it is opened in Foxit Reader.

      Is it possible? Thanks a lot for answer.


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        Ok, thanks for your detailed explanation, i get it and will report it as suggestion to our PM team for future reference, hope it will be considered in future release.


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          This is also very annoying when using Foxit Reader in conjunction with a LaTeX distribution.

          If you forget to close the PDF file before compiling in pdflatex you get a hell of access errors which actually renders Foxit Reader nearly useless for usage with LaTeX.

          For this reason I switched to another (also smaller and much faster) PDF Viewer already while actively working on the document an use Foxit only for checking the final version (and yet I run into the mentioned problem now and then).


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            Dear Ede_123,
            I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.When a PDF is opened in Foxit Reader ,foxit reader blocks write access to the opened file. That is the reason why the LaTeX application is unable to write to the file. I have submitted the request"Allow writing to PDF file even if it is opened in Foxit Reader" to our PM team for their reference,reported ID#PMWQ-299
            Hope this mechanism will be changed in future version.
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              Any issue on the beavior? each time I preview PDF with reader, file or write locked, so we can't rename file.


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                Are you using Foxit Reader with LaTeX? Could you please kindly let us know how to replicate the issue? Please also let us know which version of Foxit Reader you're using and your OS type. Thank you.


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                  I have the same issue.

                  Previous versions of Foxit did not lock the file, and thus I could update the PDF without closing Foxit's view of the PDF.

                  I doubt the issue is specific to LaTeX. I imagine one could replicate by

                  1) copying a PDF to another directory, so that now one has alpha/myfile.pdf and beta/myfile.pdf
                  2) opening alpha/myfile.pdf in Foxit
                  3) attempting to copy beta/myfile.pdf to alpha/myfile.pdf

                  This is version on Windows 8.1


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                    This situation" write-protection for open files when using using Foxit Reader together with pdflatex" is a known situation in version 6.x of Foxit Reader. And our developers have already worked out a solution to use Foxit Reader together with Latex" since version 7.0. You could use command line to open PDF file with Foxit Reader when you need to use both Foxit Reader and PDFLatex.
                    The commandline is:
                    [Foxit Reader.exe path] "PDF file path" /A nolock=1


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                      Some open and some didn't. So I am totally confused about it.


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                        Dear rightjobspk11,

                        Thanks for your post.Did you encounter some problems when tried to open PDF file with Foxit Software?
                        If so,please help to describe what was the problem in details and send us one PDF file sample which you are unable to open it.
                        Do you use our Foxit Reader or Foxit PhantomPDF? And please give us your Foxit Software version number.
                        If the PDF file is not convenience to upload publicly,you may choose to mail it [email protected] and please also indicate this thread link when you mail to us.


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                          I assume this is related to the following KB article:

                          I'd like to request an "Open in Read-Only" option.
                          I know that in the File tab -> Open panel, we can right click a file -> "Open a Copy", but this is not quite the same thing.
                          Moreover, please add an accessible button to Reload the updated document...this popup window is genius!


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                            @SR The request was submitted to our team for checking, track ID#PHANTOM-10768. When there is any update, we will inform you at once. Thanks.