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  • Feature Several Forms Questions

    I've got several question pertaining to form support in Foxit Reader.

    First, does Foxit Reader support sending forms as HTML ? I've got a form which works perfectly with acrobat but not under Foxit.

    I use the following JS:
    aFields: arr,
    bEmpty: "true",
    cSubmitAs: "HTML",
    cCharset: "utf-8"});
    And the POST is empty, is this normal ? I did not find any information about HTML form support so i suppose it's not supported but i want to be certain there is not another issue.

    Second, i'm querying a server for Form data in FDF format. While Acrobat fills back the fields with the data acquired from the server (JS request sending back FDF formated data), Foxit does not. Is this feature missing or is this an issue my end ?

    Third, i noticed the JS Objects are case sensitive in Foxit, while not in acrobat. I.e works in Acrobat but not in Foxit, i have to use for this to work properly.


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    Dear Olivier,thanks for using foxit reader. Concerning the first situation you mentioned,please help to send us a copy of the corresponding PDF form file to our support email address([email protected]) for us to take a closer look at first.The file you send will be kept confidential and only be used for internal testing.
    As regards the second point in your thread,we are sorry to inform you that currently our Foxit Reader doesn't support such feature as your desired.
    And finally, What you mentioned is right. The JS objects are really case sensitive in command line in Foxit.


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      Friends anyone know that can we use foxit reader to convert pdf to text..???


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        Originally posted by technologyguru
        Friends anyone know that can we use foxit reader to convert pdf to text..???
        To export PDF file into .txt format file,please just go to "File"menu in Foxit Reader>"Save as" to open the foxit reader save as widnow,then choose"TXT Files(*.txt)"in the Save as type drop-down menu to save as a PDF file into .txt format file.