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    Any news on this we are having the same issue as well, we are using Citrix XenApp V6.5 and have foxit V running, for some reason when users print it seems to pick a printer at random and does not pickup on what the user has set as their default printer within windows.


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      Hi Carrben01,

      We got users feedback that: The Citrix Xenapp policy Client printer redirection is set to prohibited and with this set Foxit Reader select the wrong printer.
      If changing the policy to allowed, then Foxit Reader select the right printer.
      Please give it a try and see if the setting helps.

      For helping us further investigate the problem:
      1. Is the client default printer or the default printer on server side that cannot be recognized?
      2. How the users access/logon to Citrix server?
      3. How did you set up the default printer?
      4. If possible, please record a small video that shows how the default printer cannot be recognized.


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        I'm out. We're going to use another PDF viewer. Take care.