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    I just installed foxit and I have to say I am impressed. However, even the black skin is not good enough for my eyesight. Is there a way to have foxit use my regular windows toolbar font and colors instead of a skin? Or else, are there additional skins available?

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    Please go to Edit->UI options->change skin to choose the color you need.


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      Thanks for your reply. Yes, I know, that's how I chose the black skin which is much better for me than the rest, since it is easier to see white text on dark background. The font side, however, is small for me and the background could be darker.

      I wish there was a way to select not to use a skin at all and use the Windows toolbar sizes, colors and fonts. Or else have the option to select something equivalent to the OpenOffice's Icon size: Large, High Contrast (where you can also fine-tune the User Interface scalng %) - in other words have the option to increase the menu item font size.

      Also, I do not see why you have to specify colors and fonts for the pop-up tool-tips. If Foxit allowed the use of the system's options for these, it would make things easier for me.

      I have to say it again that I am very impressed with Foxit, especially the way it handles accessibility high contrast document colors. Up until now, I thought that when a page would be darkened and ureadable in high contrast it was the page's code fault, and while reading a paper in pdf I often had to switch back and forth high contrast and normal colors. Now I know that the Adobe Reader was (also) responsible. Also when moving around that paper in Adobe Reader the CPU usage would tend to reach 100% and the navigation to become annoyingly sluggish. No such problems with Foxit! Bravo!

      If only I could now have a better Foxit user interface...


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        Thanks for your support with our product and your feedback, i will forward it to our related team for future reference, hope it will be considered in future.


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          Foxit reader is compatible for the PDF files. It is having the fast accessing in opening the PDF file without any delay. It is like the Adobe reader which is used for the PDF files. Its highly supportable for the latest OS. The toolbar appearance of the Foxit reader was clear which is having supportable in interface with the PDF files.
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