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  • Feature Better Preferences Organization

    It's awesome how many customizable preferences Foxit reader has, but it's daunting to attempt to locate a specific preference; the organization of different preferences is not intuitive. Foxit reader would benefit greatly from a feature that would give you a field to search for whatever preference you wanted to change. Or at the very least improve the organization of preferences. Put the preferences that everyone uses on the first page, not strewn all over the place. Thanks for reading, just my honest opinion on usability.

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    Thanks for your support of our Foxit Software and your comments.
    Are you referring to those items in "Preferences" window which could be accessed by clicking "Edit"menu in foxit reader>"Preferences"?
    If so,we will suggest our relevant team add a new page in our Foxit Reader user manual to specifically introduce the functions of those items in preferences window for user's reference.
    If I didn't understand your request correctly,please feel free to point out and rephrase it.