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DEP activated when Foxit reader closed, not allowed to deactivate DEP for Foxit reade

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    need help

    I'm having the same issue just OS is vista, I have tried creating a DEP exception, but get the same message: "This program must run with data execution protection (DEP) enabled. You cannot turn off DEP for this program."Nor did i tried running Foxit in XP compatibility mode.Can anyone help resolve this?


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      I have the same problem also with Foxit reader version I am running XPSP3 Pro. DEP always occurs during shutdown of Foxit reader when I have a PDF opened at some time during the session, either when starting Foxit reader or opening a PDF after starting Foxit reader. DEP is tripped whether there any PDFs are opened when closing Foxit reader or all PDFs have been closed beforehand. If I start and stop Foxit reader without loading a document DEP does not occur.


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        For me, simply uninstalling the current version and rebooting (if the uninstall process requests it) then reinstalling the same version fixed the problem.


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          Hi all,

          This issue has been assigned to our Dev team for fix, i will urge them for this and hope it could be fixed asap.
          For now, you may try to reinstall program to see if it helps, thank you.


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            I have updated to the latest version of foxit reader and so far the problem did not occur anymore.
            Therefore the DEP problem seems to be fixed on my PC.

            Thanks a lot for your support !

            Best regards,


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              Same here. Also, with updating to this latest version I got the impression you corrected the annoying feature where updating Foxit required uninstalling previous version and losing all one's customizations. This was driving me crazy. Otherwise your product is WAY better than Adobe Reader. Thanks.