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ASC II value of a dash or hyphen

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  • Bug ASC II value of a dash or hyphen

    When highlighting and copying text the dash or hyphen copies as 173 ASC II value. This works for most programs but I have come across an application that expect the dash or hyphen to be ASC II value of 45.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? Maybe a custom language?

    === additional information ===
    I can't send a screen shot due to sensitivity but maybe the following can help...

    When the customer created the PDF the UNICODE Latin-1 Supplement was used. The character HEX code "00AD" (137 decimal) was used to represent the "dash" character.
    See chart

    The program being pasted into is ASCII character based. The expected character code for the "dash" is 45 decimal.
    See chart

    Intersting side note...
    When copied from Adobe Reader and FoxIT Reader pasting into the ASCII based software is not the same.
    When pasted from Adobe the "dash" disappears.
    When pasted from FoxIT the "dash" is pasted as a period.
    I can make it work if pasting would work the same as Adobe and the "dash" disappears.
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    Hi Tfar,

    Could you please make a screenshot of what you meant so we could understand better and help? Thank you in advance.


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      Hi Tfar,

      Thanks for your additional info. I've reported this issue to our internal to Foxit's internal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 39968. Any update on it, please write to [email protected] with this ID# to track.


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        Hi Tfar,

        Could you please let us know the ASCII based software name and version info for further testing? Thank you again.