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Enterprise reader, no rotate buttons

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  • Bug Enterprise reader, no rotate buttons


    Yesterday i installed the foxit enterprise reader on 1 pc in out environment.
    I really must say, a brilliant piece of software compared to the adobe PDF reader.
    Now after opening en closing 100 pdf files, we still can edit the file names or open files without a delay. The adobde reader got slower by each PDF.

    However the rotate buttons are missing in the preview mode?
    We still get a lot of orders by fax, these are send as a PDF file to a folder on the file server. Some users use the preview pane from Windows explorer to check the customer name and change the filename to the customer name. then the files are drag-dropped to a user folder to process the fax.
    But now we need to open the file when the fax is upside down, very annoying as we recieve +/- 90 faxes every day.

    Can the rotate buttons be added?
    And maybe also the keyboard keys? (CRTL + Shift + +)?

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    You can rotate it by going to View->Rotate View


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      There is no menu in the preview pane?

      I only have the grey bar which includes page control and zoom control


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        well, there is no view option available in the preview pane.
        In fact, there is no menu at all.

        The buttons to go to the next page and zoom are there, just the rotate button is missing.


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          Well, its the preview pane in the explorer. So there is no menu there to rotate it.
          I have the page buttons and the zoom options, but none for rotating.


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            Is is possible to add the rotate button there?
            If not i need to switch to a different pdf reader. This si one of the main functions we use.


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              Yes, it is no way to rotate page under preview mode, we have reported it as suggestion to our PM team for future reference, report id:Reader-997


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                How can we rotate any text entity in your Foxit Reader software (we are using trial version)?


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                  Hi Rndpis,

                  To rotate text objects, I encourage you to install Foxit PhantomPDF Standard edition and give it a try. The program is free to try out for 30 days. You may open the program, then go under 'Edit' menu then use 'Image & Object too' then select the text to rotate.


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                    Hey Guys,

                    The internal version of Foxit Reader 7.1 has added the "Rotate" button to the Outlook/Windows Explorer preview panel. That means, the formal release of Foxit Reader 7.1 will support to rotate the page in Outlook/Windows Explorer preview. Foxit Reader 7.1 will be officially released in one week or two. You may give it a try then. Thank you.