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A colon in a URL appears to disable, kill, the ability to save a pdf

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  • Bug A colon in a URL appears to disable, kill, the ability to save a pdf

    Hi all,
    Firstly, been using Foxit for ages and really like it. The ability to do the commenting is great. Now the problem at hand.

    I'm a PhD student and am currently doing my lit review. I'm downloading lots of pdf's and things were going well until today. I started downloading papers and for some reason, certain papers could not be saved. I eventually noticed that the papers that could not be saved had the character ":" in the URL, or its equivalent "&3A". You can see this in the attached, canNotSave.png. It appears that the Journal in question changed its titling process as if I go to a different, later, point in time, the URL has changed, see attached canBeSaved01.png, and the Save button now works, canBeSaved02.png.

    This now raises another problem/bug. As you can see in canBeSaved01.png, the URL ends in "......1943-541X.0000519". When I hit the Save button, I get the Save dialogue box but as you can see, the ".0000519" has been cut off. In the other filenames you can see, I've had to manually add these truncated parts. This should not be happening. Are you truncating after the first occurrence of a full stop?

    In browsing back through the forums, I came across this post that was started by gara56, 08-23-2012 11:39 PM:

    "save as" pdf button doesn't work.

    I don't know if these two are related?

    Your thoughts on the matter?

    Andrew Lowe
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    Hello, anyone there?
    Is anyone from Foxit reading these forums? This is a pretty obvious bug, which I think I've explained in an easy to replicate manner - is anyone from Foxit going to acknowledge the bug? In fact it's two bugs I've shown. What's happening here?

    I've also just looked at the images I've attached. This forum has, for some reason, reduced the resolution to the point that it's just about impossible to read what I'm pointing out. So now we have the situation where Foxit won't acknowledge these bugs in the first place, and then to add insult to injury, their forum screws up the explaining images....


    p.s. What's with all the SPAM on the forum? Whoever looks after this forum needs to tighten up their registration process.


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      Hello Andrew,

      Sorry for missing your thread, we are taking some actions to stop the spams and it seems working now.
      Regarding the issues you reported,could you please provide us below info?
      1)Which version of Foxit Reader do you use?
      2)What is the OS?Win7 32-bit or 64-bit?
      3)Please send us the online PDF link you mentioned for a closer testing, thank you.


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        Finally got back to the computer where this happens. Details are as follows:


        2) Win 7 64 bit

        3) This is the link:
        but I doubt you will be able to access it as it is for a subscription academic journal. It is the ":" near the end that appears to be the problem. I'll give you a hint in what the problem most likely is. I just went to create a test case on my local machine and in the process of renaming an existing pdf to something that contained a ":", windows complained that it was not a valid character to have in a file name. Is the reader recognising this and not telling the user that this is the case?

        4) Don't forget there is the second problem of the truncation of the file name as well.

        5) Looks like your attempts at controlling the SPAM are not working.