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    We've been testing the Enterprise Foxit Reader 514.1124 (but also the newer 543.0920) in our Windows 2008 R2 RDS environment
    and everything works great except there is one problem we have with displaying in the browser (IE or Chrome).
    We have an internal IIS site which shows a asp site, this site shows a pdf at the bottom of the page.
    At the top a user can enter values (which he checks at the bottom PDF). So far so good.
    When the value is entered and clicks on OK/Save the bottom PDF is returned to the top of the page.
    So with a 15 page PDF file the user has to scroll down everytime he does an OK in the asp/html part.
    The problem isn't there with Adobe Reader (9, 10 or 11).
    I've tried lots of different settings (Continous, One Page, Zoom, Fit Width etc).
    Hope I did make any sense and really hope someone has a solution as the performance with Adobe
    is just terrible, we would really like to use Foxit.

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    Hi Tadream,

    Could you please make a screenshot of the problem and email us your internal IIS site in private so we could better know the problem? Thank you.