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Toolbars dont save positions properly

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  • Bug Toolbars dont save positions properly

    1) I have a couple of UI bugs to report. For my toolbars, I have a few open. One of the ones that is open is the drawing toolbar. I would like this toolbar to be in the middle of the screen, but every time I try to rearrange the toolbars it gets reset back to the right when I close and reopen the program. The drawing toolbar is the only one that does this. I can change the order of any other toolbar.
    In fact, sometimes when I move a toolbar (not necessarily the drawing toolar), it changes position the next time I open Foxit. Clearly there are problems with saving toolbar positions.

    2) The next bug is with the drawing toolbar. If it the toolbar farthest to the right, then some of its buttons can get hidden. Thats how it should behave. The problem is that when I choose the dropdown to choose one of those hidden buttons, the pencil option is grayed out. It cannot be selected.

    3) Finally, when I use the Firefox plugin, sometimes I cannot use the Save As.. button. I think the pattern is that after I do the first edit (add a textbox, draw with the pencil, etc.) then I cannot save it at that point. This is quite annoying because if I open some notes online, they open in the browser, and I have to save the file and reopen it before I can add to them.

    Foxit is the best alternative to Adobe, but you guys seriously need to fix the UI. The UI is the first thing users see, and there are a LOT of bugs in it. You guys could easily be the best if you just worked out the bugs.
    Let me know if you need any more information about these bugs.

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    Thanks for your detailed feedback, the issues you mentioned can not be reproduced with Foxit Reader 5.4.3, may i know which version of Foxit Reader do you use?If not the latest one, i'd like to advise you to upgrade to it and give it a try, otherwise, would you mind making a video of it so we could have a closer look?Thank you.
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      I am on version Check for Updates doesnt offer a newer version, nor does the download link on your homepage. The download is called FoxitReader543.0920, so im assuming its version 5.4.3. Seems like 5.4.4 is not quite released yet.
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        Yes, 5.4.3 is our latest version, so could you always reproduce the issues you mentioned?Would you mind making a video of it, thank you.


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          Alright, I have the first video made. You can view it below.
          Ill be creating a few more to show the other bugs.

          Edit: Now I have a video which is what I describe in the first paragraph.

          Here is the Bug in the second paragraph:

          And the bug from the third paragraph:
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            Sorry, we failed to access, would you mind uploading them to our FTP server at ftp://foxit:[email protected], please let me know the folder name, thanks.


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              Alright I have uploaded the to the server in the ToolbarBugs folder.


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                Originally posted by InvncibiltyCloak
                Alright I have uploaded the to the server in the ToolbarBugs folder.
                Thanks, we got it.Once i receive any feedback from our Q&A team, i will contact you soon.