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    Hi all,
    I'm new to the forum and like to ask something that I couldn't find in older threads. When I attach several PDF files to another PDF document in the most recent version of the Foxit Reader (v. under Win XP SP3 with the latest updates), everything is fine at first: These attachments are deliberately added one after another in a specially selected order from the HD (here: chronologically). Now, when I save the completed file (including attachments), then exit Foxit Reader and re-open the file again, the carefully selected order of the attachments is totally mixed up, with no apparent system for the ordering of attachments recognizable (neither by name nor date, size or description). Since there is no way to re-arrange the order of attachments by hand, this is a very annoying experience.

    Does anyone know of the reason - or even better a fix - for it?

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    Hi Karenjones,

    I could also replicate what you mentioned, the order of the attachments have indeed been changed after re-open. I've reported this issue to our intenal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 41881. You may write to [email protected] to track the processing status of this issue. Thank you.