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Why is Foxit Reader's setup spawning 3 separate CPU hogging processes!?

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  • Bug Why is Foxit Reader's setup spawning 3 separate CPU hogging processes!?

    Before I go off the deep end on my issue/rant, let me just start off by saying I've been using Foxit Reader ever since I found it 4 years after I had it with dealing with Adobe Reader's sluggish bloat..
    I've even recommend and install Foxit Reader onto the residential customers computers that I service and repair.. That may change after downloading the latest version directly from your website today...

    So what happened?

    After downloading the setup file, I as always, shutdown my Firefox browser and opened the freshly downloaded setup file, after being asked twice by Windows if I really wanted to run the setup ("File may be unsafe.... Downloaded from the internet..." and UAC consent) I proceeded with starting the install/update process... nothing suspicious or abnormal up to this point lets get this thing installed/updated!

    After going through the quick uninstall of the old version that was installed on my laptop, the normal setup/install screen now pops up and I'm raring to get Foxit (re)installed and be on my marry way.

    Until I got to Toolbar optional install screen (something I have no problem with, I understand developers need to make money somehow), my system fans on my core i7 Sony Viao revved up, something that only happens when overall CPU usage goes over 15-20% (which rarely happens with a 2.4 Ghz quad core) or the video card is being utilized (aka video encoding, playing games).

    Being the observant, investigative power user that I am, I open up my handy procexp to see what's going on that would cause the fans to kick in when just a installer for a PDF reader that is lightweight and small.
    It didn't take long to figure out why the fans kicked in, I found not 1 but 3 (THREE!) child processes had been spawned seconds after starting the installer.

    Not only was the CPU usage on 2 processes averaging 15-20+ on CPU usage but I also was unable to read what the programs were called!!

    I'm sorry, "22 Microsoft 基础类应用程序" you say? It says Microsoft so it must be legit!

    "Clock Microsoft 基础类应用程序"? I didn't know Microsoft made clocks!?

    After seeing all this I cancelled the setup and have since downloaded the Ninite installer for Foxit which installs the older version but has a less sleazy install experience...

    TL;DR? Don't download the (the latest) installer, use Ninite installer (Link) which offers a easier, less sleazy experience and no hidden ad-ware background processes!

    Also your forums are littered with spam links