When I open a folder full of jpeg-images with image viewers, there's normally a keyboard shortcut
that lets me close the current jpeg and move to the next one in the folder. (Example: Press Space
for next image, backspace for previous in Irfan-View)

When I open a folder full of pdf-files with Foxit, I have to open and close each pdf manually.

This is a shame.

Foxit opens smaller PDF files so quickly, it should be possible to quickly
move through a folder and briefly look at each pdf to find the pdf I'm looking for.

If you're wondering why I want this: I scan lots of documents with a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 scanner -
mostly receipts and single page letters which are ordered mostly by sender and date. And at work our
archive system creates folders filled with hundreds of pdfs.

Is there a way to tell Foxit to open the next (or previous) pdf in the folder with a keyboard shortcut
where the currently opened pdf resides?

If not, please evaluate, if this is something you want to add to the Foxit Reader.
Just image how cool it would be to be able to switch between pdfs as fast as
leafing through a stack of pdf-printouts. It could be a killer feature...