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PDF File Names get dash and a number when opened multiple times

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  • richell_huang
    It also indicates the same file name on my side.I am afraid it has someting to do with your firefox settings?I suspect the second time when you try to save the file, it will recognize that you have opened and saved it already, so it changes the file name.
    Anway, i will check it with our QA team, and i also like to advise you to contact firefox for help if it is their problem?Thank you.

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  • PDF File Names get dash and a number when opened multiple times

    Using Foxit Reader mostly with Firefox 18.0, Windows XP Pro SP3

    If I am on a website and open a PDF file and/or save it to my desktop, then come back to the website later and open the same PDF again and save it again, the file name shown as the filename gets a dash and a number after it that increases by one increment every time I open it.

    The first time it might be jose.pdf (which would be correct), the second time it is jose-1.pdf, then jose-2.pdf and so on.

    When I eventually might save the file, it has the dash and number on the saved file name and I would rather it did not do that.

    If I open jose.pdf several times and then decide to save it, it might be called jose-10.pdf and that is confusing when I want it to be jose.pdf.

    If there is a way to turn this feature off, please tell me how to do it.