In recent years, Foxit Reader has grown to include many features that many users would consider optional (integration with Docusign), or even unwanted risks (Facebook integration, AD Rights Management).

So in the spirit of the simplicity that made Foxit Reader so popular, it would be nice with a renewed "Foxit Reader Light" with a reduced feature set (and the other current default features as optional plugins):
  • View PDF files from local or local network disk (whatever the OS will treat as a normal file)
  • Search and copy text already in the PDF (without resorting to OCR of image-only PDFs)
  • Browser plugins for reading PDFs on web pages
  • Check digital signatures on already signed PDF files by using the certificate engines in Windows or Firefox (Foxit Corp chooses which one).
  • Option to enable/disable clickable web links in PDF files.
  • Promotional links to other Foxit products.
  • Promotional link to install Ask! toolbar.
  • Promotional link to install that office suite.

The optional extras, that could each be added individually via the Updater would include:
  • Asian text support (if making it a plugin still saves on download size)
  • PDF forms support
  • PDF annotation
  • Signing PDF files using Docusign
  • Support for JavaScript in PDF files (with option to disable)
  • Social media integration
  • Ability to integrate with AD Rights Management in enterprises that use this.
  • Ability to work with other rights management plugins such as "FileOpen"
  • Alternative text/image/data types in PDFs (DXF layers, the upcoming HiXxx format etc.)
  • Ask! toolbar
  • That office suite