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Problems uninstalling foxit reader

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  • Bug Problems uninstalling foxit reader

    I tried to uninstall Foxit reader version 3.4 and it won't uninstall. (on Windows 7 64 bit)
    I go to Control Panel - programs and tried to uninstall it from there. After I click that the computer drive starts churning for a long time. I checked task manager and I can see an executable named like fox1232.exe continually popping up and using cpu . Strangely it changes its executable name every few seconds, it will be fox1232.exe then fox3422.exe and it keeps on changing. Suspected it might be a virus or trojan so I checked netstat and there were a lot of suspiscous network connections even though I had just rebooted my PC and hadn't used anything. Thinking of wiping the hard drive now, I don't like it when apps behave strangely like that.

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    Hi simonc,

    The uninstall exectuable file name should be unins000.exe. Could you please help to check if you downloaded the installer from our official website? The download from unathorized webiste may contain virus risk.