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    Hi there,

    I have lots of PDFs with black/dark blue background and white text which I'd like to print. Naturally, I'd prefer a white background and black text for that -- is there any way to do that?

    I've already discovered the "replace document colours" function, but that only seems to work for displaying the PDF on screen -- when I want to print it the printing dialogue just wants to print the original file.
    Is there any way to get Foxit Reader to invert the colours not just on screen, but in print as well? If not, could this possibly be implemented in later versions?

    Oh, and should any university lecturers read this: I appreciate you guys using white letters on dark background for Powerpoint presentations, but if you're going to upload your scripts for the students to print out, could you please remember that this isn't exactly the best configuration for printing? Thanks!

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    Hi Hans,

    Currently Foxit Reader doesn't support to invert text and background colors for printing. I've forwarded your request as suggestion to Reader PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: READER1384.


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      Same request here. After being pleasently suprised how good the replacement worked, it was quite a dissappointment when non of the changes were shown in the print preview.
      Actually the color replacement works better than in adobe acrobat professional which is prone to mess up part of the drawings. It would be a huge improvement if the results of the replacement could be permanently saved and printed as well.
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        Thanks for this. I've added your comments as another user request of PHANTOM-4415 to our internal bug tracking system for PM team's processing. Thank you.