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Can't open pdf files from Windows Explorer.

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  • Bug Can't open pdf files from Windows Explorer.

    I allowed an update to Foxit Reader 2 days ago. Since then, I can't open pdf files from Windows Explorer. The only way I can open pdf files is from within Foxit. I use Firefox browser 18.0. Mozilla/Firefox has a high security alert and blocks the plug-in for Foxit.

    Are you aware of this issue? are you working on it?

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    The latest plugin has fixed this issue and it can be updated from within Foxit Reader from under 'Help'->'Check for Updates...', or you can download the plugin manually from our website then go to 'Help'->'Install Updates...' to manually install it. The latest Firefox plugin could be downloaded from here:

    BTW, you can find the security advisory here:


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      I didn't find any updates relating to firefox plug-ins from within the Foxit / Help / Check for Updates. The only listed updates were Basic Module / Eastern Asian Language support and Service Module / Foxit Spell Check Language and Kingsoft Office Free 2012.

      The link you provided was incomplete and resulted in a "Oops! We are sorry but we cannot find the page you are looking for."

      I had manually downloaded a firefox plug in yesterday, but it seems to date back to November 2009: firefox_plugins_2009.11.17.fzip.

      Could you please provide the full URL for the manual download? I assume there is a more recent one?

      Thank you.


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        The Firefox plug-in/add-on page is at and the page reads, in part:
        Foxit Reader Plugin and below has been blocked for your protection.

        Why was it blocked?
        The Foxit Reader plugin is vulnerable to a critical security bug that can compromise a user's system by visiting a malicious site.
        Who is affected?
        All Firefox users on Windows who have installed the Foxit Reader Plugin, versions and below.
        What does this mean?

        The problematic add-on or plugin will be automatically disabled and no longer usable....


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          To open PDF files in a browser window, the ActiveX folder must contain the following files: AcroPDF.dll, AcroIEHelper.dll, and pdfshell.dll.
          The ActiveX controls should be located in: Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX
          If any of these files are missing, then repair Acrobat or Adobe Reader by choosing Help > Repair Acrobat Installation, or reinstalling the application.


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            I'm not using Adobe. My original question was how to open pdf files in FoxIt by clicking on the file name in Windows Explorer. I can only open the files from within FoxIt. There are warnings in Mozilla add-ons/plug-ins against using the FoxIt plug in.


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              I received the correct instructions from Foxit. For those who may have the same problem, here it is:

              Please browse to the installation folder of Foxit Reader->find FoxitPDFInfo.dll
              under 'Shell Extensions' folder then rename it. After this, please try to
              double-click on any PDF document to see if it can be opened that way.

              I closed FoxIt and then reopened after taking that action, and now I can open the pdf documents by double-clicking on the filename in the Windows Explorer [the listing of files in a director / folder].