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Filling in form with scanned signature

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  • Feature Filling in form with scanned signature


    I'm not exactly an expert at Foxit Reader.

    I'm running XP Pro on a PC and I'm using the free edition of Foxit Reader.

    I have a form which requires my signature.

    I wanted to insert or import my scanned signature I've saved in a multitude of formats - GIF, BMP, RTF.

    However, when I click on Edit>Insert in Foxit Reader a drop down menu appears which concludes Image, File Attachment and Multimedia.

    I've tried inserting with each of these methods with the various formats but noting ever appears on the signature line on this form - except a graphic icon appears if I use File Attachment but no actual signature appears.

    I've opened the RTF file with nothing but my signature in it and selected all for the signature which highlights the whole signature and then I chose Ctrl/C to copy it and returned to the form and hit Ctrl/V to paste in but noting appears.

    Might anyone have other suggestions?

    Thanks so much!!

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    @yearn to learn,

    Please try as following:
    Open Reader->go to 'Edit'->'Insert'->'Add Image' then drag around the signature field->then choose the bmp or gif image to insert.