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  • Bug Keyboard shortcut ALT+S

    I found very annoying problem with ALT+S shortcut (right "ALTGR" - sometimes substitute for CTRL+ALT).

    In Polish we have this combination for letter "ś" and in Foxit it opens "Start" window.

    In Customize Tools>Keyboard>Start there was CTRL+ALT+S. I changed it to CTRL+ALT+W but ALT+S (CTRL+ALT+S) still opens "Start" window. It is very strange because new CTRL+ALT+W also works.

    It seems that there is another place where CTRL+ALT+S is binded to open "Start" window.

    Is there any chance to solve this problem?

    My version is

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    Hi czesiek,

    This issue is acknowledged in version 5.4.5. And I've reported it to our internal bug tracking system for further processing. Report ID#: 29560.


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      the problem still persist. There are 9 diacratic characters in polish alphabet (both as majuscules and minuscules). These are: ą ć ę ł ń ś ż ź. They are invoked by pressing ALT GR + respective letter (except for ź - ALT GR + x). In classic toolbar mode only 5 of them can be used in search string - ę ł ń ś. In ribbon mode it looks a bit better - only ć and ź can't by used in search strings. In my first list of 9 characters and the second list of 5 characters related to searching in classic mode i didn't list a character which is invoked by pressing ALT GR + o as my post was twice cut before that letter which suggest there is some problem with correct parsing of that letter by this forum (in preview mode it looks ok.)
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        Hi Mr T,

        Could you please make screenshots that show the problem so I could report this issue for further investigation? BTW, what is your current version info of Foxit Reader? The most current one is now version 6.1.2. Thank you.


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          Hi Cherry,

          I hardly see any possibility to make screenshots because when I try to write in search field one of those characters that don't work nothing happens, search field stays blank. The only exception is when I try to write "ż" (ALT GR + Z) - it works as Undo - reverts to previously written string. Foxit doesn't react in any way when I write one of the remaining characters from the "banned" list. List of all polish diacratics (including the one which is not working on the forum) can be found here and here
          I'm using Foxit Reader version 6.1.2 build 1224.


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            Hello Cherry,

            I see you are the moderator and I would please like your help.

            I have almost the same issue as described above by Mr.T, but for the Romanian diacritics.
            The problem is when I want to enter the diacritics in an form field.

            From the 5 romanian diacritics (


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              I don't think that is possible.


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                We noticed that we are now still unable to input "ąźćż"these four polish characters in search field in Foxit Reader/Foxit PhantomPDF 7.3,It has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#0076009.
                I will keep you posted for any updates about this issue.