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    I actively use Foxit Reader's color replacement setting in order to homogenize the presentation of my PDFs, e-books, etc. However, using anything other than white for the background ruins annotations / markup because their color's don't blend well. The result is very ugly coloring and hard to read highlighting when using a more eye-relieving pdf backround:

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    The solution is giving more control over the colors used for the UI and markup, thus allowing similar issues to be circumvented. Given this feature a user would be able to adapt the sidebar, pop-up, general UI, and PDF color schemes. Additionally, the ability to set the color or alpha blending modes used during PDF display would be very powerful, and allow customizations such as font-isolated highlighting, which would solve the initial issue.

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    Please take this under consideration, as it would add a great deal of appeal to Foxit Reader for students like myself who use these annotation tools for in-text note-taking, and it'd be fairly easy to implement as well. As always, thanks for the great software!
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