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Open PDF in Browser setting requires admin rights?

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  • Bug Open PDF in Browser setting requires admin rights?

    I have several people that when trying to access links in IE to bring up a PDF file that will not display in the browser... random things happen..for some users it comes back page cannot be displayed...for others IE would automatically close the pop up windows (yes pop up blocker is turned off) with a quick flash of a security warning. I found it happened to my admin user too and going in to the preferences and unchecking to display the PDF in the browser, then closing Foxit then re-opening it and re-checking the option and saving it would correct the issue. Problem is when a non-admin user attempts to uncheck that option it prompts for admin access. It will not let a standard user change the display in browser option. Is this by design and if so why? Is there a work around for it outside of giving the user admin rights to set it up then take away their rights?

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    Normally, if you check it to display PDF in browser with admin account, it will also work for user account.Would you mind logging it with admin account, and reinstall Foxit Reader to display PDF in browser by default then restart your pc and see if it works for user account.
    BTW, which version of Foxit Reader do you use?