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Issues with the Pen Input feature

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  • Bug Issues with the Pen Input feature

    Hello everyone,

    So I am not sure if this is related to Foxit Reader being run on Windows 8, but I have been having issues with using the pen feature.

    For some reason, foxit does not register all the pen strokes that I make and will appear jagged. Is there a way I can make the pen input more sensitive so that it picks up all the strokes?
    Example: Dotting I's and crossing T's do not register 100% of the time. I have to go back and I have to scratch it in.

    As for the device that I am using, it is a Microsoft Surface Pro with a built in digitizer. I have no experienced this with any other programs that I use (office 2013, paint, etc.)

    thanks in advance,

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    Hi Allan,

    I've forwarded the issue you mentioned to Reader team for processing. Report ID#: 45373. Any further info is needed, we'll post here. Or you can write to [email protected] with Report ID# to track the processing of the issue.