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Preferences crashes Foxit reader if connecting using RDP

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  • crash Preferences crashes Foxit reader if connecting using RDP


    I have installed Enterprise Foxit Reader onto our windows 2008 R2 citrix servers. If I login to the console, I can open the foxit reader and select Edit/Preferences.
    If however, I connect to the server using an RDP/Citrix connection selecting preferences crashes the reader.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    I have also installed the software onto a Windows 7 PC and it worked fine locally. As soon as remotely connected to the PC using remote desktop I got the error.


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      Hi ictsprisi,

      This issue is related to the 'Show Start Page' under 'Edit'->'Preferences'->'General'. Please right-click on any PDF document->then choose 'Open' to launch Foxit Reader and uncheck 'Show Start Page'.


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        Thanks for responding
        We have not made Foxit PDF reader the default reader. Adobe reader is still the default on the server.
        I have right clicked on a PDF, selected open with and chose Foxit Reader.
        I do get a popup box but this is to say do you want Foxit to be your default PDF reader which I say No to. I don't see anything about "Show Start Page"

        Is there anything else I can try?


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          I have logged on to the console of the server and have selected edit->preferences->General. Show start page is already unticked.
          I have just done another test.
          With the preferences page open, I connected to the console of the server using RDP logging in as the same user. I could see the same preferences screen as when I was on the console itself. I was able to close the preferences page and then open it while a PDF was open in Foxit Reader. As soon as I closed the PDF and then opened Foxit Reader trying to open the preferences crashed Foxit Reader again. The same thing happened if I just opened Foxit Reader on the console and opened preferences and then used RDP to connect to the console. All ok until I close Foxit Reader and open it using the RDP connection.

          NB Are these preferences User based or Computer based. If this issue can't be fixed but me logging in to the console will allow me to change the preferences for everyone who uses Foxit reader on the server that may be a workaround.


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            Hi ictsprsi,

            Thanks for the update. Could you please email [email protected] to get a beta version of Foxit Reader 6.0 and help test this issue? Thank you.


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              I think the issue was with my RDP client. I have now changed the following settings and can open the preferences option without it crashing.
              Increasing the colour depth from Full Screen 16bit to 32 bit and changing the network performance from WAN to LAN.

              Thanks for all your help