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  • Bug Printed area for too large.

    I tried to print pre-paid postage (through the U.K's Royal Mail on-line pre-paid postage service) on a DL size (110mm x 220mm) envelope.

    Foxit's preview (actual size zoom) showed it correctly.

    However, Foxit printed to an area much larger than a DL envelope, so I couldn't use it, and, having printed once, I have lost the cost of pre-paid postage.

    I am going to see if Adobe, or any other competitor can do it correctly.

    I tried reporting this through Foxit's on-line support, but it wanted a "File sample", it wanted to know details about the printer and it wanted to know about the computer.

    What the hell is a "File sample"?
    Suffice it to say that the printer is a modern Epson which is working correctly, thank you, and the computer is reasonably modern, with a reasonably modern operating system by Microsoft and it, too, is working correctly.

    You really don't need any more information than this.

    What you do need is to correct the infuriating fault in Foxit Reader.

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    Hi Syncopator,

    Sorry for the issue, but it would be hard for us to better advise without the detailed. We need configure a similar environment in order to replicate the issue first. Could you please kindly send us following info at your convenience so we could try to help?
    1) Version info of your Foxit Reader;
    2) A screenshot of your Foxit Print window setting and the Printer settings;
    3) An image/picture of the problematically printout.
    4) Your OS info and the Print info.

    If it is inconvenient to upload here, please feel free to email [email protected].