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    Hi, please help me to find ID for "Edit Text" and "Edit Object" from Home tab in Language file. I want to translate them but I didn't find them in lang_en_us.xml file.

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    Radmehr ,I am sorry the I also didn't find the IDs for those two icons that you mentioned under the Home tab yet. I have submitted the request "find ID for "Edit Text" and "Edit Object" from Home tab in Language file" to our product management team for helping with report ID#PHANTOM-16046. Once I get any updates from them,I will keep you informed.


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      Thanks @Lisa_lee.
      Waiting for it...


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        Radmehr , Thanks for your patience to wait for our further response. Our product management team mentioned that the IDs provided in the existing community XML language file are only a part of the complete entries from the Foxit application, not all the entries, it is normal that the IDs for some entries from the Foxit application cannot be found in the XML format file.
        So those two IDs for "Edit Text" and "Edit Object" under the "Home" tab are really do not exist in the XML file yet. I have forwarded this situation to our Dev team to ask them if they will add some more entries into the XML file in future versions, the report ID is#QCPHANTOM-28305. Any progress about it, I will keep you informed.


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          Thanks again @Lisa_lee
          sorry, but is it allowed to change width size for some strings? for example:
          <dlgitem id="1040" text="FOR EXAMPLE" left="173" top="322" width="336" height="40"/>
          change width from 336 to 360.


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            Radmehr , The Width in the code represents the width of a string, height represents the length of a string, left represents the left coordinate point of a string, and top represents the top coordinate point of a string. You could choose to modify the values mentioned above. As long as the value does not cross the boundary to the next string, it will take effect. Any further questions or concerns, please contact us again at any time.