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  • New strings for new language file

    Hi, What's the difference between "" and "" version? i found some new strings. there is no persian/farsi language in new update unfortunately and i need to check all lines but it will be hard to check all after every new updates.

    Can you inform me about new updates?


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    For all new feature updates, please refer to below link. Also, we already submitted a new Persian/Farsi language interface request to Product Manage team for evaluation, hope it will implement as soon as possible.


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      Originally posted by Roy_Chen View Post
      For all new feature updates, please refer to below link.
      sorry, i mean new strings for langauge file like these:
      these srings are availabe for new vesion but not for "". I want to translate new strings and add them to old language file.

      string id="1274" text="We have found %s which may contain potential security risk in the program's installation directory. To protect your system, please delete it and then re-run the program."/>
      <string id="1275" text="An unexpected error has occurred. Bad parameter."/>
      <string id="1276" text="Validation failed for the &quot;enterpriseId&quot; parameter."/>
      <string id="1277" text="Mac address validation failed. "/>
      <string id="1278" text="User token validation failed. "/>
      <string id="1279" text="Your account is not authorized to use Foxit PDF Editor. Contact your organization’s administrator."/>
      <string id="1280" text="Your license has been revoked by your organization&apos;s administrator. Please contact them for a new license."/>
      <string id="1281" text="The license key is not installed on the server."/>
      <string id="1282" text="Validation failed for the Server ID in the key file."/>
      <string id="1283" text="Validation failed for the license date in the key file."/>
      <string id="1284" text="The Admin Console license has expired."/>
      <string id="1285" text="Your Foxit PDF Editor license has expired."/>
      <string id="1286" text="The license key validation failed. TPPK or TPPKSign in the key file is empty."/>
      <string id="1287" text="The license key validation failed."/>
      <string id="1288" text="An unknown error occurred while verifying the license key, the Admin Console server didn&apos;t return the verification result."/>
      <string id="1289" text="The license key validation failed, the Keyver in the key file is incorrect."/>
      <string id="1290" text="The version number of Foxit PDF Editor is incorrect."/>
      <string id="1291" text="The SN verification failed."/>
      <string id="1292" text="Activation failed."/>
      <string id="1293" text="An unknown error occurred on the server."/>
      <string id="1294" text="Activation failed. Error code: %s"/>


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        Sorry, we do not add persian/farsi language support in new update yet, so the translated file on persian/farsi language is not valid for Foxit program now.

        While translating via xml file or online, please choose the correct file for the corresponding version, I think the new string for version 11.1 is not needed for version11.0.1.