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  • New strings for new language file

    Hi, What's the difference between "" and "" version? i found some new strings. there is no persian/farsi language in new update unfortunately and i need to check all lines but it will be hard to check all after every new updates.

    Can you inform me about new updates?


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    For all new feature updates, please refer to below link. Also, we already submitted a new Persian/Farsi language interface request to Product Manage team for evaluation, hope it will implement as soon as possible.
    Foxit PDF Editor Version History lets you go back and see previous versions of Foxit PDF Editor. Learn about the new features, recent updates and issue fixes to Foxit PDF Editor.


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      Originally posted by Roy_Chen View Post
      For all new feature updates, please refer to below link.
      sorry, i mean new strings for langauge file like these:
      these srings are availabe for new vesion but not for "". I want to translate new strings and add them to old language file.

      string id="1274" text="We have found %s which may contain potential security risk in the program's installation directory. To protect your system, please delete it and then re-run the program."/>
      <string id="1275" text="An unexpected error has occurred. Bad parameter."/>
      <string id="1276" text="Validation failed for the &quot;enterpriseId&quot; parameter."/>
      <string id="1277" text="Mac address validation failed. "/>
      <string id="1278" text="User token validation failed. "/>
      <string id="1279" text="Your account is not authorized to use Foxit PDF Editor. Contact your organization’s administrator."/>
      <string id="1280" text="Your license has been revoked by your organization&apos;s administrator. Please contact them for a new license."/>
      <string id="1281" text="The license key is not installed on the server."/>
      <string id="1282" text="Validation failed for the Server ID in the key file."/>
      <string id="1283" text="Validation failed for the license date in the key file."/>
      <string id="1284" text="The Admin Console license has expired."/>
      <string id="1285" text="Your Foxit PDF Editor license has expired."/>
      <string id="1286" text="The license key validation failed. TPPK or TPPKSign in the key file is empty."/>
      <string id="1287" text="The license key validation failed."/>
      <string id="1288" text="An unknown error occurred while verifying the license key, the Admin Console server didn&apos;t return the verification result."/>
      <string id="1289" text="The license key validation failed, the Keyver in the key file is incorrect."/>
      <string id="1290" text="The version number of Foxit PDF Editor is incorrect."/>
      <string id="1291" text="The SN verification failed."/>
      <string id="1292" text="Activation failed."/>
      <string id="1293" text="An unknown error occurred on the server."/>
      <string id="1294" text="Activation failed. Error code: %s"/>


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        Sorry, we do not add persian/farsi language support in new update yet, so the translated file on persian/farsi language is not valid for Foxit program now.

        While translating via xml file or online, please choose the correct file for the corresponding version, I think the new string for version 11.1 is not needed for version11.0.1.