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Note on the multilingualism of Foxit applications

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  • Note on the multilingualism of Foxit applications

    Have a nice day,
    a note on the multilingualism of Foxit applications:
    Some parts of Foxit Reaader/Editor remain in the original language, even when translated in the language file.


    Parts: "Activation".
    For the Editor, in addition to the above:
    These linguistically non-functional parts are increased by upgrading to a higher version, which is a step backwards.
    Tell me, what do we do about it?

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    FeRiPo Thanks for the feedback. May I know what's language did you set and Foxit remains some parts in the original language? And, what's version of Foxit PDF Editor/Foxit PDF Reader installed?


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      Have a nice day,amanda,
      the language is set to "Czech". Version:


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        FeRiPo, Would you please also send us some screenshots of the Foxit PDF Reader/Editor user interface to show us the non-functional parts that you mentioned? Did you download the Czech language from the following page:

        Look forward to your reply.
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          Have a nice day,
          I have downloaded the Czech language from the above mentioned site (I am even creating it, see my nickname) and I am sending some screenshots as an example. The images with the text are just to illustrate that the given part is translated.
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            Thanks for the information. I can replicate the issue and has escated the error to our development team for investigation with reported ID:QCPHANTOM-30641. We will keep you informed for any update.