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Foxit reader 5.4.3 distance tool

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  • Foxit reader 5.4.3 distance tool

    Is it possible to hide or minimize the pop up box when using the measuring tool. I am referring to the box where the scale is set. It seems to popup in middle of drawing each time and I have to move to measure something.


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    Hi btpoole,

    The Distance pop-up appears at the top left corner once the 'Distance' tool has been selected. It should not interrupt the measuring. Please check again.


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      It to you a science.


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        Yes, thanks


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          yep, cherry you are right...
          i also was facing this problem and solved now..


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            Thanks for sharing good info.

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              Is it doable to cover or minimize the crop up box once exploitation the measurement tool. i'm concerning the box wherever the dimensions is ready. It looks to popup in middle of drawing every time and that i have to be compelled to move to live one thing.
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                Dear Shohidul,

                Thanks for your post.I am sorry that I am still not clear about your query. Please
                help to describe it in more details and take a screenshot about the crop up box that you referred for us to take a closer look at first.


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                  I think everything has to do with this movement