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Add bookmarks to a PDF using Foxit ActiveX SDK pro (VBA)

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  • Add bookmarks to a PDF using Foxit ActiveX SDK pro (VBA)

    Does anybody have experience with Foxit ActiveX SDK pro in Excel VBA?
    I would like to add bookmarks to specific pages in a PDF using Foxit ActiveX SDK pro in Excel VBA.

    Can somebody please help?

    The code I have for now is this, but the last part does not work:

    Sub Test_Foxit_Open_PDF_in_Userform()
    'This will open a PDF in a userform (in excel), insert another existing PDF, 'add a watermark and save as another PDF 'Dim PDFPrinter As New FoxitPDFSDKProLib.FoxitPDFSDK
    Dim sPDFfile As String, sPDFfile2 As String
    Dim sSaveAsFileName As String
    Dim IsFileOpen As Boolean
    Dim lPageCount As Long
    Dim bResult As Boolean
    sPDFfile = "C:\Users\frank.van.eygen\Documents\PDF files\Exact3.pdf"
    sPDFfile2 = "C:\Users\frank.van.eygen\Documents\PDF files\Test Frank.pdf"
    sSaveAsFileName = "C:\Users\frank.van.eygen\Documents\PDF files\Test_Foxit.pdf"
    Load UserForm1
    IsFileOpen = UserForm1.FoxitPDFSDK1.OpenFile(sPDFfile, "")
    lPageCount = UserForm1.FoxitPDFSDK1.PageCount
    bResult = UserForm1.FoxitPDFSDK1.InsertPage(lPageCount, sPDFfile2, "", "0")
    bResult = UserForm1.FoxitPDFSDK1.AddWaterMark(1, "This is a watermark", 50, 200, 90, ColorConstants.vbCyan, 0, 100, 45)
    UserForm1.FoxitPDFSDK1.SaveAs (sSaveAsFileName)
    'adding a bookmark does not work 'UserForm1.FoxitPDFSDK1.SetBookmarkContextMenuStri ng ("Page1")
    Unload UserForm1
    End Sub

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    Would you mind creating a ticket from Create ticket so it will be forwarded to our SDK team for further help? Thank you.