We need to draw some annotations on a pdf document and want to use the function "SetPencilVertices"
The following code shows the use of our exxample:

annotation = annotations.AddAnnot(null, "Pencil", left, top, right, bottom);
int[] array = new int[8]; array[0] = (int)left; array[1] = (int)top; array[2] = (int)right; array[3] = (int)bottom; array[4] = (int)left+5; array[5] = (int)top+5; array[6] = (int)left+10; array[7] = (int)top+10;

annotation.SetPencilVertices(array[0], 4);

It seems to be impossible, to "draw" some annotations on a pdf document.
Maybe we do not understand your SDK OCX documentation, because the documentation does not give a hint what you mean as PointArray?
The documentation is talking about paramters of type "long". BUT, we are useing C# and the type has to be "int".

Could you please send us a working example in C# which draws by program some figures on a pdf document.
If you do a google image search for "DIN 16511" you get an idea of the kind of figures we need to draw.

Kind Regards,