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Can't run the demo app

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  • crash Can't run the demo app

    I have installed the SDK evaluation, and downloaded the demo app. I entered the licence id and unlock code as per the readme.txt, but I get an error. I'd post an image of the error but the post image here doesn't work. Line 923, start of FormRead_Load, first line of code, "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format".

    Also your forum is almost unusably slow, and the registration process has to be the dumbest I have encountered for some time - three times it threw me back to get some more info, and each time it wiped some other field causing a new error.

    And what's a "Portable Doucment"? Is that French or something? (Forum title)

    All in all not the best experience of Foxit so far, I think maybe I should look elsewhere.

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    For anyone else having this problem, in my case it was because I am running 64 bit Windows. Compiling to Taget CPU "Any CPU" won;t work, you ned to go into Advanced Compile Options ans specifically target x86.