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Need to convert an HTML document to PDF

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  • Need to convert an HTML document to PDF

    Using Visual Studio C# in an ASPX outward facing web application. We need our users to create PDFs on their machines once they've filled out their forms. From the aspx page we have a process to extract the necessary text and data to an html page. Although we could have the users user their browser functionality to print to PDF, as this is not equally supported everywhere (Internet Explorer, eg.: f does not natively support conversion to PDF) and is subject to the idiosyncrasies of their browser, I would like to do the conversion from the server side. We have Foxit PDF SDK, and have looked into it, but from what I've seen it doesn't really do a conversion easily (it seems like its more to build or modify a PDF piece by piece ). So here is my two part question:

    1) Is there a way to do a conversion from HTML to PDF using Foxit PDF SDK? Any method will do, though a simple straightforward conversion is preferred.

    2) I did see that Foxit PDF SDK supports converting images to PDF. Is there a "simple" way to convert an HTML to an Image and then I believe I could use Foxit to convert the image to a PDF?

    Thanks for any reply.

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    Dear crmauch,

    Thanks for your post.For SDK query,please help to write to [email protected] directly and our SDK engineers will reply your email there.