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Can a PDF/A be converted to a PDF?

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  • Can a PDF/A be converted to a PDF?

    I support a system where external users submit PDFs to the system. When the PDFs are processed, the software needs to add a distribution list to the front of the PDF and a disclaimer added to the end of the document. However some users are submitting PDF/As instead of PDFs, and the software is not able to make the changes to the PDFs. Is there a way with the .NET SDK that a file that was a posted as a PDF/A can be converted to a PDF? I attempted to use the MergeDocument feature of Draw(), but the file saved was still a PDF/A

    Document tDoc = new Document(new Uri(url));
    Document doc = new Document();
    PdfDocument tPDFDoc = new PdfDocument(tDoc.Doc.ToArray());

    MergeDocument mDoc = new MergeDocument(tPDFDoc);

    doc.Doc = mDoc.Draw();

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    crmauch, Thanks for your post.For SDK query,please help to write to [email protected] directly and our SDK engineers will reply your email there.