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    I know this is not the right forum, but does anyone know what happened to Quick PDF? I bought a copy in April 2021 and now it seems the domain has been abandoned and I can find literally nothing on the main foxit forums, or knowledge base . Sorry to ask here but direct contact with Foxit has not elicited any reply.


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    For Foxit SDK related questions/issues, please help to submit a ticket to our Foxit SDK team and our SDK engineers will get back to you ASAP.


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      I did submit a ticket but that was days ago and I have had no response, that's why I posted here. At the very least now I get the impression that QuickPDF as evolved to be called Foxit SDK?


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        Peter, I also noticed that has been closed. I wrote a few posts in the last week of October. The posts were about the Delphi 11 version of quickPdf ... Leonardo - the Account Manager of SDK Renewals - replies by saying "We are not planning any more releases or new features for the products this year due to the lack of development resources". I am very disappointed with this! And now the abandoned resource site ...


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          Hi there,

          think you've noticed it already... and the whole portal were only closed for less days. It's all online again


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            Foxit Quick PDF Library End-of-Life announcement !!!!
            "From December 13th 2021, Foxit will be sunsetting the following products:
            Foxit Quick PDF Library (All Platforms) [...] This means that we will not add new features, releases, or enhancements to these products" !!!!
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