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Errors with Merge and Draw Methods

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  • Errors with Merge and Draw Methods

    I am trying to track down some issues that look like they are occurring within calls to the Foxit API.

    1) The first is related to a document merge and here is the relevant stack trace:

    " at zz93.g9..ctor(f8 A_0, ft A_1, fg A_2, PdfPage A_3) at Foxit.PDF.Merger.PdfPage.a() at Foxit.PDF.Merger.AppendedPage..ctor(PdfPage A_0, fm A_1) at A_0, Int32 A_1) at Foxit.PDF.Merger.MergeDocument.Append(PdfDocument pdfDocument) at PDFManipulation.FoxItP DFDocumentMerger.MergeDocument(String inputFilePath, String mergeFilePath)

    The error that comes back to the application is "object not set to reference of an object" but in this case there are checks to ensure empty documents are not sent to the call. Does anyone know of issues with this call? I have seen blog entries about large files sizes causing something like this in other products but have not seen that documented with Foxit. Along that topic, are there any known file size restrictions?

    2) The second one is occurring during a document Draw() operation...

    " at zz93.fs.j(Int32 A_0) at zz93.fz..ctor(fx A_0, Byte[] A_1, Int32 A_2) at zz93.fs.a(fx A_0, Byte[] A_1, Int32 A_2) at zz93.fv.a(DocumentWriter A_0) at zz93.fz.c(DocumentWriter A_0) at zz93.fz.d(DocumentWriter A_0) at zz93.ft.a(DocumentWriter A_0) at zz93.ft.b(DocumentWriter A_0) at zz93.fz.c(DocumentWriter A_0) at zz93.fz.d(DocumentWriter A_0) at zz93.f3.a(DocumentWriter A_0) at Foxit.PDF.IO.DocumentResourceList.a(DocumentWriter A_0) at at Foxit.PDF.Document.Draw(Stream stream) at Foxit.PDF.Document.Draw()

    The message that is returned is "Index was outside the bounds of the array.". I was wondering both what that could imply and is there a way to do additional troubleshooting? These appear to be random but are occurring in larger numbers recently.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    gwarren ,,For Foxit SDK related questions/issues, please help to submit a ticket to our Foxit SDK team and our SDK engineers will get back to you ASAP.