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HTML to PDF Conversion - on Linux?

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  • HTML to PDF Conversion - on Linux?

    We have a solution that uses the FoxIt SDK in Java to convert HTML to PDF. The conversion is working fine on Windows, but we are getting an error when trying to run the same code on 64-bit Linux. The error is:
    Error converting x.html to y.pdf
    com.foxit.sdk.PDFException: [Library Version]:
    [File]: convert.cpp
    [Line]: 977
    [Function]: FromHTMLImpl
    [Unknown error]: any unknown error occurs.
    at com.foxit.sdk.addon.conversion.ConversionModuleJNI .Convert_fromHTML__SWIG_0(Native Method) ~[fsdk-8.3.jar!/:?]
    at com.foxit.sdk.addon.conversion.Convert.fromHTML(Co ~[fsdk-8.3.jar!/:?]

    In the JavaDoc, there was mention that the Convert.fromHTML() method was not yet supported on Linux; however, we thought that was now expected to work in version 8.3.

    Anyone know if this is supposed to work?