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Stamp tool using custom image

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  • huy_tran
    Dear Olemh,

    Can you tell me what SDK you are using? Many of Foxit PDF SDK do not come with a user interface. Therefore a tool such as a Stamp Tool is not there. Currently, Foxit PDF SDK Active X 5.0 is the only Foxit SDK that has a user interface that can set the current tool. There is no stamp tool, however, I recommend trying out the image tool to see if this fits your needs.

    Please see page 21 of


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  • olemh
    started a topic Stamp tool using custom image

    Stamp tool using custom image

    I am making a proof of concept application for a large client, who needs a tool for annotation pdf files.
    I have solved commenting using typewriter tool and popup notes, but they also need to add a custom stamp for signing.
    In the standard Foxit reader application, I am able to define a custom stamp using a local image (this will be a scanned signature, always located in a fixed location by a logon script, e.g. C:\signature.jpg) and then activate and use this as a stamp tool.

    But I cannot find out how to define stamp tools in the SDK, or how to activate the Stamp tool!
    If I can achieve this using forms, it is ok.