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  • My obsessive/compulsive behavior started quiet unexpectedly. When I was in high school, I began checking whether I turned off the light switch or not two or three times every time I would leave a room. At first, I did not think too much about this behavior. It is much better to be sure than sorry, right? The ironic thing was I did remember that I turned the light switch off. Nevertheless, I still wanted to come back and check several times. This time, I did not even think about [url=] obsessive compulsive disorder treatment[/url
    Over the next few years, this abnormal behavior has escalated to checking the light switch four or five times each time I would leave a room. Moreover, this behavior has spread to checking the stove. Each time, I would cook something on my stove, I had to check four or five times again for it to be off.
    I began to be bothered by these behaviors because they took much of my time.